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Safety Trainings in the Collective Bargaining Agreement
Mar 13, 2024


Hello Members!

We wanted to reconnect to let you know about WDFW trainings.added to the WDFW SharePoint site. You can search "Agency Training Calendar" to find currently offered trainings. If you need a training and it is not being offered in your area, please let your chain of command know and us. 


Candace, WAFWP President


Hello WAFWP Members!

I wanted to reach out and share information with you about annual trainings, specifically associated with safety.

Our current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2023-25) outlines trainings and list some of those we need to do our jobs (Article 8). Here is the language I would like to draw to your attention in Article 8.1:

In addition to trainings required by agency policy and Federal and State regulations, the agency will make available courses on the following subjects on an annual basis:

  1. Cold Water Survival;
  2. Aircraft Emergency Egress Training (including Emergency Breathing Device Training);
  3. Watercraft Training (MOCC, swift water, non-motorized);
  4. Safety Training while working near highways/roadways;
  5. Conflict Avoidance and De-Escalation Training;
  6. Sampler Assault Training;
  7. First Aid/CPR;
  8. Remote Area/Wilderness Survival;
  9. Firearms Proficiency and Safety; and
  10. Fire Suppression and Fire Resource Advisory.

The agency will utilize qualified bargaining unit members as part of a hybrid approach to deliver Watercraft Safety (MOCC/MOTC) Training where practical.

The need for and frequency of trainings for an individual employee will be determined by the immediate supervisors and normally documented in the performance and development plan.

This is not an exhaustive list of trainings required (as indicated by ‘in addition’ of Article 8.1) but are the ones we bargained for members to be provided by the agency. If there are trainings you would like to add, please let us know.

In recent months, we have heard about safety training requests being denied or members being unsure what trainings they need. If either of these scenarios has happened to you or another member, please let us know ASAP.

Finally, as a field biologist myself, I know it is hard to find time to take online trainings, let alone in-person ones. I would encourage you to make sure you are up-to-date on all of your trainings annually and make sure a training plan is in your annual Personal and Development (PD) Plan. You have the right to leave work in the same shape as how you arrived.

Please reach out to anyone of us if you have any questions.


Candace Hultberg (Bennett)

WAFWP President (2023-2025)

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