Brief History of WAFWP/WAPB

By Rocky Spencer -  Past WAPB President (Reprinted from Winter 1994 Newsletter)

Several of you are likely wondering why the WAPB was formed. It’s a long story, far too long to be completely covered in this here. However, a brief summary is possible. 

Basically, with a change in administration in 1989 came several policy decisions that directly affected the working conditions (overtime, grievances, commissions, etc.) of all biologists. Following this, biologists held several organizational meetings to identify issues and concerns important to our group. These meetings resulted in a core group of biologists taking these concerns to the administration for resolution. This nearly two year effort to resolve issues was unsuccessful. 

It became apparent that organized employees groups (those in unions or associations with legal representation) received consistently more favorable results on policies affecting their working conditions. This prompted biologists to formally organize an association in late 1992. Nearly 70% of working biologists chose to form the WAPB. 

(Note: The WAPB name was changed to WAFWP in 2005 to reflect a broader based membership (adding Sci. Techs., Research Scientists, Lands Agents, Environmental Specialists, and FW Health Specialists).