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Spillman Demand to Bargain
Dec 21, 2023

Hello all!

I wanted to reach out to you to provide progress of the Demand to Bargain (DTB) associated with Spillman.

First, thank you to everyone that has provided feedback up to this point, it has been valuable and used during our meetings thus far.

I have included a timeline (below), next steps, a new survey for your feedback, and a few documents.

Spillman DTB Timeline and Next Steps

  • May 1, 2023 – Wildlife Program Spillman Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) effective from HQ.
    • WAFWP files a DTB on concerns received from WCS associated with the Spillman SOP.
      • During DTB the SOP and requirements are not in effect.
  • May 30, 2023 – First meeting with OFM, WDFW, and WAFWP to discuss the Spillman SOP.
    • Agreed to meet to discuss redundancies that Spillman has created. WDFW would coordinate this meeting.
    • Compiled WCS Spillman Survey input (attached).
  • July 19, 2023 –
    • Attendees: Jim B., Fenner Y., Mick C., Eric G., and Candace HB
    • Information from WCS Spillman Survey used as a guide for this meeting.
    • Some items we discussed:
      • Concerns with WCS is doing all Wildlife Program related calls to service in the matrix (attached) as they are the only ones on Spillman currently.
        • Answer from Wildlife Management: will be adding Wolf Specialists and others will be a stepwise approach (District Bios).  Discussed having WILDCOMM email others on the matrix if not in Spillman (unsure of capacity for WILDCOMM to do this at this time).
      • Concerns with Enforcement not following the matrix.
        • Answer from Wildlife Management: The Chief’s are in full support of Enforcement following the matrix. Eric will follow-up with Chiefs in August on following the matrix.
      • Concerns with WCS placing the same information in multiple locations (Teams, bi-weekly, via email, via chain of command, etc.).
        • Answer from Wildlife Management: they will look for ways to reduce redundancies.
      • Concerns calls being assigned to WCS via people outside of their chain of command.
        • Answer from Wildlife Management: this should not be happening, please report incidents with examples to WAFWP.
      • Concerns with duplicate calls being placed on Spillman.
        • Answer from Wildlife Management: this should not be happening, please report incidents with examples to WAFWP.
  • Summer 2023
    • Additional Spillman access requirements (FBI background with fingerprinting) added to DTB discussion.
  • November 7, 2023 – Second meeting with OFM, WDFW, and WAFWP
    • Attendees: OFM, Jennifer M., Mick C., Eric G., Kelly S., Beth H., Kelli K., Matt O., Rhonda F., Anthony N., Candace HB
    • FBI background discussion
      • Fingerprints are ran once and stored with WSP to verify identity. Prints are not stored in CODIS.
      • The background check looks for the same information as the firearms background (past felonies).
      • If current staff (deemed essential Spillman users (as 11/7 only WCS and Habitat Compliance)) cannot pass this requirement, WDFW will look for a comparable position for the member to move into. If one cannot be found, WDFW will initiate layoff procedures as outlined in the CBA.
      • This will be a requirement of new hires for these positions (so far WCS, WCS techs).
  • November 17, 2023 – Meeting to make changes to the Spillman SOP.
  • Next steps
    • The DTB is still active.
    • During Bargaining (2024), compensation for the additional Spillman workload will be pursued.

What WAFWP needs from you…. Provide any additional language recommendations on SOP language (attached).

Please reach out to me (vicepresident@wafwp.org) or the wildlife rep (wildliferep@wafwp.org) if you have any questions.

Thank you again!

Candace Hultberg (Bennett)

WAFWP President

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